Chicken on tour: Nha Trang

27 Aug


Nha Trang:

After 8 hours on an overnight train from Ho Chi Minh City we pulled into the train station in Nha Trang just before dawn. The train journey was painless and I even managed to grab a decent amount of sleep in my bunk. It was my first overnight train journey and I have certainly been converted to their merits. There is something very relaxing about the jostle and rhythmic click clack of the train on the tracks.

I knew nothing about Nha Trang, but I was very excited to visit it. Purely because one of my favourite restaurants in the world is called Nha Trang. So there. It’s a seaside town, very popular with Russian tourists. Most signs are in Vietnamese/English/Russian. Not the prettiest town on the planet but most holiday resorts aren’t.

After a hectic few days in Ho Chi Minh city, a good few of us decided we needed some R&R so we headed for the Thap Ba mud baths. Here we marinated in thinnish brown mud. Rinse until clean, then add to warm spring water and slow cook until hands are well and truly wrinkled. Add some swimming in very warm pools and you have a very chilled out silver chicken. It set us back about VND 100,000 (just over €3- including transport) so serious value!

Another site we visited was Vinapearl island. It’s a theme park/aquarium/waterpark. There’s a cable car over to the island. It’s the longest sea-crossing cable car in the world, or so I’m told. I’m a fan of roller coasters etc. I’ve been on some big ones, but this place housed the most awful ride I’ve ever been on. It inverted and spun you (very slowly) about 100 feet up. You had plenty of time to see the bit of concrete you would come in contact with should anything go wrong. Never again.

In terms of food we were only there for a night but we had an excellent meal in Lanterns, a few blocks from the beach. I had a Vietnamese chicken curry which was excellent.

Best beer: Saigon (green label)
Best food: Lanterns
Best attraction: Thap Ba

Next stop: Hoi An.

  • Laoise

    Loving living vicariously through you 00Chicken!