Review: Lola, Sablon, Brussels

17 Jul

On a recent trip to visit my partner in dining/good friend (longtime readers of the blog will have met him in various posts before) in Brussels, I got some good news from home (exam results) that warranted (serious) celebration. So him being the local in the know we toddled off to Lola, a restaurant in the Sablon district of Brussels.

Lola is a long narrow-ish room with soft lighting and comfy chairs. It is always busy (apparently) and I was lucky to be able to grab a booking for that evening, albeit a late one.

To start, there was an intense pea amuse-bouche. Served chilled it was very refreshing and full of flavour. Myself and Shane opted for a crab tower for starters. It was speckled with herbs, generous chunks of ripe mangos and topped with a cumin flavoured crisp. It was an incredibly generous portion of crab. Shane’s better half opted for white asparagus. It had been poached in a very flavoursome cooking-liquor and then was topped with diced egg. Again it was a very generous portion.

Lamb cutlets, goats cheese and ratatouille.

Lamb cutlets, goats’ cheese and ratatouille.


For mains I went for lamb cutlets. They were delicious. 4 (large) cutlets arrived, very tender and perfectly cooked, with a pink centre. They were topped with little chunks of goats’ cheese and served with a ratatouille and stunning gratin potatoes. The kind you’d sell your granny for. The goats’ was a wonderful contrast with the sweetness of the lamb. Shane, in a flash of émigré patriotism, went for the fillet of Irish beef. He thoroughly enjoyed it and I even managed to taste it- again the meat was cooked simply but with attention. His better half went for chicken, and there were no complaints from that quarter.

Looking all fondanty, on a jaunty swirl of caramel.

Looking all fondanty, on a jaunty swirl of caramel.


After an evening of good food, we were tempted by the dessert menu, however we thought the prudent thing to do would be to order a chocolate fondant between us. With a salted caramel accompaniment it went down a treat. As did a glass of port for myself and himself.

The service throughout was excellent. They were very attentive and never got in the way or intruded. In fact you barely noticed them. With a coffee each and a bottle of wine the total came to €227. It certainly isn’t a cheap meal, but it is fantastic value. The surrounds, service and attention to detail in the cooking made for three very happy diners that night.


Many thanks to all who made that evening one of celebration. In every sense. You know who you are.